About Us

We’re a team of strategy and content geeks with a mission to give value, knowledge and talent a platform.

Our Vision

Guiding talent & leaders to authentically communicate their value to the world, our vision is to redefine personal branding by fostering genuine connections and impactful storytelling. We envision a future where influence is used to inspire and empower others, leaving a meaningful and lasting impact.

Who Are We?

At Welift, we believe in the power of personal branding and its ability to drive meaningful change. Our journey began with a simple realization: everyone has a unique story to tell and deserves to be heard. We started this venture with the mission to empower individuals to unleash their full potential and make a lasting impact in the world.

Why We Started?

In a world where 64% of people’s media comes from social, it’s important to feed society with thoughts, knowledge and advice from industry leaders and experts. Our mission is to find the hyper-engaged audiences that find value in your content, and captivate them with your skills and stories.

Meet The Team


Arnaud Francois

I started my career in marketing, creating campaigns for VICE MEDIA, Universal Music Group, and most recently Samsung. I love developing brands, creating authentic creative campaigns and growing digital communities, but I find the formula so much more rewarding with people. Let’s connect!


Sofia Monteiro

I come from a tech background in Product Management, working for multiple e-commerce platforms and Samsung Electronics. I love everything strategy, future proofing businesses with timeless branding and the latest tech integrations.

Open Positions

Are you a content and strategy geek as well? Take a look at our current opportunities below.

Content Executive

We’re looking for an energetic and proactive content executive that creates & delivers an effective content marketing across multi digital channels.